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Swift 5.5 is now officially released! Swift 5.5 is a massive release, which includes newly introduced language capabilities for concurrency, including async/await, structured concurrency, and Actors. My heartfelt thanks to the entire Swift community for all the active discussion, review, and iteration on the concurrency (and other additions) that make up the release. Thank you!

How to learn more
An updated version of The Swift Programming Language for Swift 5.5 is now available on It is also available for free on the Apple Books store.

You can try out some of the new features in this playground put together by Paul Hudson!

Swift Evolution proposals
A number of changes went through the Swift Evolution process for inclusion in Swift 5.5:

SE-0291 Package Collections
SE-0293 Extend Property Wrappers to Function and Closure Parameters
SE-0295 Codable synthesis for enums with associated values
SE-0296 Async/await
SE-0297 Concurrency Interoperability with Objective-C
SE-0298 Async/Await: Sequences
SE-0299 Extending Static Member Lookup in Generic Contexts
SE-0300 Continuations for interfacing async tasks with synchronous code
SE-0304 Structured concurrency
SE-0306 Actors
SE-0307 Allow interchangeable use of CGFloat and Double types
SE-0308 if for postfix member expressions
SE-0310 Effectful Read-only Properties
SE-0311 Task Local Values
SE-0313 Improved control over actor isolation
SE-0314 AsyncStream and AsyncThrowingStream
SE-0316 Global actors
SE-0317 async let bindings
SE-0319 Conform Never to Identifiable

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