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There are many ways for apps to make money: accepting payments as a storefront for a physical business; offering subscriptions or in-app purchases; or including ads directly in your application. Today, we are excited to announce the Google Mobile Ads SDK for Flutter is now generally available, after a six-month beta period. Great news for Flutter apps that require the presence of in-app ads!

Supported Ads Formats

The Google Mobile Ads (GMA) SDK for Flutter works on both iOS and Android, and supports loading and displaying all Google mobile ads formats, including:

Banner Ads: A rectangular ad that occupies a spot within an app’s layout. These ads stay on screen while users interact with the app, either anchored at the top or bottom of the screen, or inline with content as the user scrolls. In addition to the standard fixed-sized banner ads, we also support adaptive banner ads, which shows the most optimal banner size based on the device’s width and height.

Interstitial Ads: A full-screen ad that covers the whole screen of your app. These ads work best when placed at natural breaks or transitions in your app.

Rewarded Video Ads: A rewarded ad unit that allows you to reward users with in-app items for interacting with video ads, playable ads, and surveys. This is one of the most popular ad formats among game developers.

Native Ads: A highly customizable format that allows you to design ads to match the look and the feel of your app content.

App Open Ads: An ad format that monetizes your mobile app loading experience. App open ads are served when a user opens or switches back to your app.

Google AdMob and Ad Manager

We partnered with the Google Ads team to build this plugin as the official ads solution for Flutter developers. The GMA SDK for Flutter unifies support for both Google AdMob and Google Ad Manager into a single plugin.

If you are not familiar with Google’s ads services, you might not know that AdMob and Ad Manager are two different products with different monetization capabilities. The AdMob platform is designed for mobile developers who want to earn money from ads and gain actionable insights to grow the app business. The Ad Manager platform is designed for publishers who have significant direct sales or multiple inventory types.

The GMA SDK for Flutter unifies these products to help meet your monetization needs by sharing code across iOS and Android and not having to rewrite your code as your needs grow.

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